What others have said about their experience with Alpha Counselling …

“Going to Alpha Counselling was one of the best decisions I have made.  It has made an immeasurable difference to my life.  Before I attended Alpha Counselling, my thinking was overshadowed by unhappy memories from the past and a belief that I was somehow stuck there, forever carrying the heavy burden of my past experiences.  Counselling helped me to make peace with the past and helped me to break out of a negative thought cycle which was really diminishing my quality of life.  My life is now less complicated, more relaxed and enjoyable.  I had tried other counsellors but none had offered the level of understanding and insight which I found at Alpha Counselling.”                                     (M. Co Wicklow).

“We attended Alpha Counselling during a very difficult time in our marriage. We had previously tried alternative therapies and other sources of help but with no positive results. When we first met with Joanie our relationship was at its lowest point. Over the following months, she helped us to focus on and revive the important things that had been lost in our relationship and also to see and understand our relationship from a very different perspective. Thanks to Joanie our 20 year marriage is very much alive and well. In fact we are probably at the best place we have ever been.”                                   (John. Co Kildare)

“My husband and I have just finished a 5 week session with Joanie. Our marriage was at a very low point when we began but in a remarkable short space of time we were back on track. I have been to counselling before but found Joanie’s method very effective. She was non judgmental, dealt a lot with our feelings and gave us the tools to deal with problems. So glad we made the effort to go as we are in a really good place now and have a ‘pep back in our step’!” 

“When I first attended Alpha Counselling I was very confused and fearful but over the 6 months I began to see things differently. I have gone to many different counsellors in the past but Alpha was different because it enabled me to see the truth and work from there. Joanie enabled me to develop better life coping skills and see things with a clearer perspective. I feel stronger now and have gained new insight.” 

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